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We are splitting the Cold War into two units

NOTE:  Cold War Part 2 Study guide now updated.

Unit One--Beginning to Korean War
Study Guide
Practice Test
Unit Two--Korean War to Collapse of Soviet Union
Study Guide
Practice Test





Cold War Web Sites   Cold War Sound/Movie Clips
The Cold War Museum   Kennedy in Berlin -- Ich bin ein Berliner
Cold War History from the Atomic Archive   John Kennedy on the Cuban Missile Crisis
Atomic Platters--Music from the Cold War   Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall
Iranian Hostage Crisis    
U-2 Spy Planes Still in use in Korea

Cold War Films:
(Note:  Parents should preview these films.  Every parent/guardian has different standards concerning what they believe is appropriate for their students.  Some of the films below have content that some middle school parents may find objectionable.  I have listed the films to provide parents/guardians the opportunity to preview the films to determine content for themselves because they do have educational value.)


Watch Cold War Films Online:

The films below can be watched online.  They may take significant time to download if you are on dial-up internet service.


   Duck and Cover    The House in the Middle   





Cold War Books


Note:  all images, film clips, and sound clips are believed to be in the public domain or are used under creative commons license.  If you believe any material is used in violation of your copyright, please contact me for removal.

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